Mustafa Al-Adhami

Architect |Researcher| Lecturer​​

Mustafa Al-Adhami

Mustafa Al-Adhami


Dr Mustafa Al-Adhami is an Architect, Researcher, and lecturer specialising in digital architecture and sustainability. He has over a decade of experience in computer modelling, simulation, reality-capturing technologies, and the Internet of Things. He currently works at Birmingham City University (BCU), where he is known for his expertise in computer modelling, simulation, machine learning, and reality capture technologies, including remote sensing and the Internet of Things. With his diverse skill set and extensive knowledge of advanced technologies.

Mustafa has held teaching and research positions at the University of Huddersfield. Dr Mustafa Al-Adhami developed teaching materials and delivered tutorials for undergraduate and postgraduate students in his teaching role. As a researcher at the University of Huddersfield, he was working on projects related to the rail sector and developing skills in advanced surveying techniques, virtual and augmented reality and machine learning for bridge defect detection.  He has also worked as a research associate for Waldeck Consultancy Solutions, where he developed a semi-automated approach for digitising railway bridges using BIM.

In his industry experience, Dr Mustafa Al-Adhami has worked as an architect for several companies in Iraq. He was responsible for developing design and construction documents, creating high-realistic architectural visualizations, conducting building condition surveys, and producing technical drawings. He has also supported the development of requests for proposals for different types of residential buildings and managed information exchange protocols and project deliverables.

Develop teaching material, Deliver tutorials, Assessments, and feedback in the following modules:


Birmingham City University | Mar 2022 – present


  • Emerging Digital Technologie
  • Integrated Digital Design Residential
  • Production
  • Research in Practice
  • Individual Honours Project – Design Study
Assistant Lecturer

University of Huddersfield | Jan 2018 – Sep 2020


  • Environmental Science and Building Services
  • Introduction to Digital Technology in Construction
  • 3D design and BIM tutorial at level 1/level2
  • Advanced Measurement and Quantification


  • BIM at the project level collaborative approaches
Research Assistant

Nottingham Trent University | Sep 2020 – March 2021

Working on a project to develop a digital twin asset visualiser for network rail, including ML defect detection of Mansory underlines bridges, 360 visualiser, point cloud visualiser, and BIM-based bridge condition marking index.

Research Assistant

University of Huddersfield | Aug 2017 – Sep 2020

Worked on several research projects related to the railing sector in the UK. I developed skills in using advanced surveying techniques (TLS), Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, & ML techniques for bridge defect detection.

I was involved in the following projects:

  • 09.2019-09.2020:  In2track2 – Optical monitoring methods for geometry and digitalization.
  • 09.2018-06.2019: Automated plan for search and rescue using computer vision & AI.
  • 03.2018-07.2018: Smart Visual Inspection for Construction.
  • 12.2017-02.2018: Development of an Aerial Surveying Platform.
  • 08.2017-10-2017: Data Collection, Management and Visualization of Infrastructure Projects Using Remote Sensing, BIM & XR Technologies.
  • 05.2017-07.2017: Internship – Immersive VR development.
Research KTP Associate

Waldeck Consultancy Solutions | Jul 2019 – Mar 2020

Research associate in a collaborative project between University & Industry

  • I developed a semi-automated approach, Scan to BIM, to digitize railway bridges.
  • The project results in £300k worth of project.
  • Awarded highest grade ‘A’ – Outstanding by InnovateUK.
  • Arabian Const. House Iraq, IRAQ | Nov 2015 – Aug 2016
  • Hill International, IRAQ | Mar 2014 – Feb 2015
  • CAP Consultant, IRAQ | Sep 2013 – Feb 2014
  • Fourth Dimension GC, IRAQ | Sep 2012 – Aug 2013

Main duties

  • Develop Design/Construction documents using Revit.
  • Create High realistic architectural visualisation
    Building Condition Survey.
  • Producing technical drawings of prefabricated concrete units.
  • Design review of buildings and infrastructure projects.
  • To assist and support developing a request for proposal RFP of different types of residential buildings.
  • Manage information exchange protocols & project deliverables.
Mustafa Al-Adhami - Building Innovation Awards-01
Mustafa Al-Adhami - CIB 2019
Mustafa Al-Adhami - Bridge inspection
Mustafa Al-Adhami - Building Innovation Awards

Mustafa Al-Adhami

Architect |Researcher| Lecturer​​

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