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Innovation in Building Design Technology

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Transforming Building Design with Cutting-Edge Technology

On the final day of Innovation First at Steam House, a significant milestone was shared with an engaged and enthusiastic audience. This blog post highlights the key points of a presentation that showcased a groundbreaking project developed in collaboration with an esteemed industry partner Hadley Group. This project has yielded a transformative tool designed to revolutionise building design and construction.

Innovation fest - Mustafa Al-Adhami

Building Design Technology

The presentation commenced with a warm welcome and an overview of the agenda. The speaker, Dr Mustafa Al-Adhami, a distinguished architect, researcher, and lecturer at Birmingham City University, introduced himself and the project team. Dr Al-Adhami’s expertise spans computer modelling, simulation, machine learning, and reality capture technologies, including advanced areas such as remote sensing and the Internet of Things.

Project Overview

The project in focus is a collaborative effort that resulted in the creation of a tool capable of empowering businesses and clients to design buildings with ease. This tool allows for accurate prediction of construction costs, estimation of CO2 emissions, and determination of pre-manufacturing value (PMV). Its significance lies in its ability to transform traditional approaches to building design and construction, making the process more efficient and sustainable.

Dr Al-Adhami outlined the development process, emphasising key milestones and achievements. The project exemplifies the success of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), which are partly government-funded programmes designed to foster collaboration between businesses and universities. The team behind this project comprised outstanding academics and industry professionals.

Presentation Slides

Benefits to the Industry

The newly developed tool brings several significant benefits to the construction industry:

  1. Enhanced Decision-Making: The cloud-based design configurator serves both clients and businesses, ensuring transparency and facilitating informed decision-making.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, the tool is simple and intuitive, catering to both clients and business users.
  3. Real-Time Estimations: The tool provides dynamic real-time estimates for construction costs, carbon footprint, and pre-manufactured value, streamlining the design and planning process.

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Future Possibilities

The presentation concluded with a discussion of exciting future extensions and possibilities for this innovative tool. The potential applications and expansions of this technology promise to further enhance its impact on the construction industry.


Dr Al-Adhami’s presentation underscored the pride and enthusiasm surrounding this project. The tool’s development marks a significant advancement in building design and construction, demonstrating the power of academic and industry collaboration. This innovative tool is poised to make a substantial impact, driving efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in the construction sector.

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