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Innovation Fest: Celebrating Emerging Digital Technologies

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This year, we are proud to close the second chapter of our Emerging Digital Technologies module at Birmingham City University. This event marks another successful year where Year 2 Architectural Technology students showcased their innovative solutions to real-world industry problems during the Innovation Fest.

 Innovation Fest: Celebrating Emerging Digital Technologies!

Innovation Fest is a fantastic event held at STEAMhouse, an incredible venue for demonstrating our students’ projects. These students have been tackling real-world problems in the building industry. They’ve done loads of research and come up with some really smart solutions using cutting-edge technologies like digital twins, IoT, machine learning, digital surveying, parametric modelling, and more. Their creativity and technical prowess were truly inspiring, demonstrating the transformative potential of these advancements in the Architecture, Construction, Engineering, and Operation (AECO) industry.

But it’s not just about coming up with ideas. They’ve also figured out how to turn these ideas into real businesses and tested everything to make sure it actually works! From #VirtualReality and AugmentedReality to #rtificialIntelligence and the Internet of Things, our students are at the forefront of technological innovation.

Our students impressed the judging panel,

  • Sagal Rooble
  • Ellen Willis
  • Gordon Cole
  • Chris Roberts
  • Sidahmed Ouldja
  • Ahmad Aladawi
  • Jason Whittall

Their expertise and support were instrumental in the success of this module, offering valuable insights, comments and feedback that enriched our students’ learning experience.

This module continues to provide an in-depth examination of the latest technologies shaping the future of our built environment. We look forward to seeing how our students’ innovations will contribute to the industry in the years to come.

You can check students’ projects on Digital Built Hub 

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