Emerging Digital Technologies in the Built Environment

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What are Emerging Digital Technologies in the Built Environment?

This is part of Mustafa Al-Adhami’s Lecture Series at Birmingham City University, where he leads the Emerging Digital Technologies module for Level 5 Architectural technology. This subject provides an in-depth examination of the integration of technology in the lifecycle of the building. The series aims to enlighten students and professionals about the latest advancements and their potential to shape the future of our built environment.

Session 0.1: Introduction to Emerging Digital Technologies in the Built Environment

Session 0.2: Solution Design

In this highly anticipated session, students will have the chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of digital technologies through the insightful “What, Why, and How” model. With a focus on the driving forces behind technological advancements and their impact on society, this session promises to be both enlightening and intriguing. Students will leave with a deeper appreciation of the ways in which digital technologies are changing the world and shaping the future.

Why do we need Emerging Digital Technologies in the Built Environment?

With the use of Digital Technologies, we CAN

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Deliver a Better Outcome

Digital Technologies CAN NOT

  • Displace the years of experience that we have in the industry.
  • ¬†They’re not to replace anybody.

How to Implement Emerging Digital Technologies in the Built Environment?

In this informative session, we will introduce the following cutting-edge topics in the field of Emerging Digital Technologies in the Built Environment:

Digital Surveying Technology

Extended Reality (XR)

Emerging Digital Technologies - Virtual reality

Example of using an Augmented reality headset on a construction site

Internet of Things (IoTs)

Emerging Digital Technologies - Internet of things

Machine Learning

Emerging Digital Technologies - Digital twin


Design-based studies, such as:
  • Crowd simulation
  • CFD simulation
  • Light simulation

Emerging Digital Technologies - Simulation

Whole building analysis, such as:
  • Thermal performance
  • Energy performance

This session is designed for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in digital technologies for the built environment. If you want to continue learning and following the latest developments, be sure to follow Mustafa Al-Adhami on social media.

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